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AKC Obedience Shows

This is the list of AKC obedience shows going back to somewhere in 1999. Click on the show name to see the results. The oldest shows (1999-2000) do not all have associated results, but do have lists of judges.

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Name City State Date
Grtr Naples Dc N Fort Myers FL 1997-05-18
Council Bluffs Kc Omaha NE 1997-05-17
Olean Kc Alexander NY 1997-05-17
Oshkosh Kc Oshkosh WI 1997-05-17
Ingham Co Kc Flint MI 1997-05-17
Rogue Vly Kc Merlin OR 1997-05-17
Mattaponi Kc Manassas VA 1997-05-17
Ladies Ka Of Amer Hempstead NY 1997-05-17
Vacationland Dc Westbrook ME 1997-05-17
Oak Ridge Kc Gray TN 1997-05-17
Grtr Fort Myers Dc N Fort Myers FL 1997-05-17
Bern Mtn Of Amer Estes Park CO 1997-05-15
Papillon Of Amer Reno NV 1997-05-15
Chaparral Kc Albuquerque NM 1997-05-12
Lawrenceville Kc Lawrenceville GA 1997-05-11
Cambridge Mn Kc Cambridge MN 1997-05-11
Lancaster Kc Lancaster PA 1997-05-11
Rio Grande Kc Albuquerque NM 1997-05-11
Klamath Df Klamath Falls OR 1997-05-11
Scott Co Kc Bettendorf IA 1997-05-11
Windham Co Kc Woodstock CT 1997-05-11
Conyers Kc Of Ga Lawrenceville GA 1997-05-10
Dallas Sheltie Dallas TX 1997-05-10
German Shep Dc Wash Stat Tacoma WA 1997-05-10
Cambridge Mn Kc Cambridge MN 1997-05-10
Lawrence Jayhawk Kc Lawrence KS 1997-05-10
Klamath Df Klamath Falls OR 1997-05-10
Scott Co Kc Bettendorf IA 1997-05-10
Chester Vly Kc Ludwigs Corner PA 1997-05-10
Springfld Kc W Springfield MA 1997-05-10

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