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AKC Obedience Shows

This is the list of AKC obedience shows going back to somewhere in 1999. Click on the show name to see the results. The oldest shows (1999-2000) do not all have associated results, but do have lists of judges.

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Name City State Date
Key City Kc st. Peter MN 1997-05-25
Laramie Kc Laramie WY 1997-05-25
Kalamazoo Kc Kalamazoo MI 1997-05-25
Il Capitol Kc Bloomington IL 1997-05-25
Eugene Kc Eugene OR 1997-05-25
Cincinnati Kc Hamilton OH 1997-05-25
Va Beach Kc Williamsburg VA 1997-05-25
Plainfld Kc Millington NJ 1997-05-25
Il Vly Kc Of Peoria Bloomington IL 1997-05-24
Spokane Kc Spokane WA 1997-05-24
Am Rottw Lima OH 1997-05-24
Grand Rapids Kc Kalamazoo MI 1997-05-24
Coos Kc Eugene OR 1997-05-24
Butler Co Kc New Castle PA 1997-05-24
Queen City Dtc Hamilton OH 1997-05-24
Gloucester Kc Of Va Williamsburg VA 1997-05-24
Jacksonville Dfa Jacksonville FL 1997-05-24
Holland Mi Kc Kalamazoo MI 1997-05-23
Nort Ky Kc Hamilton OH 1997-05-23
Bushy Run Kc New Castle PA 1997-05-23
Am Sheltie Lincolnshire IL 1997-05-21
Genesee Co Kc Flint MI 1997-05-19
Wy Vly Kc Alexander NY 1997-05-18
Winnegamie Dc Appleton WI 1997-05-18
Am Sheltie Lincolnshire IL 1997-05-18
Genesee Co Kc Flint MI 1997-05-18
Rogue Vly Kc Merlin OR 1997-05-18
Lewiston-Auburn KC Westbrook ME 1997-05-18
St Clairsville Oh Kc Morristown OH 1997-05-18
Grtr Kingsport Kc Gray TN 1997-05-18

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