Scores Database

Sheboygan Kennel Club, Inc.

AKC show id: 2015124701
Plymouth, WI


Novice A : Ms. Edree M. Olson , 1 dogs
Novice B : Ms. Edree M. Olson , 3 dogs
Beginner Novice A : Ms. Edree M. Olson , 2 dogs
Beginner Novice B : Ms. Edree M. Olson , 2 dogs
Open B : Ms. Edree M. Olson , 10 dogs
Utility B : Mrs. Suzanne D. Hemminger , 8 dogs
Versatility : Mrs. Suzanne D. Hemminger , 1 dogs


High in trial: Balance Point's Pip Pip Hooray CDX from Novice B

Beginner Novice A
1 Remington Autumn Sunrise At Dunwix JH, Labrador Retriever, 193.5
2 Fabious Fan Boy Tazer, Rottweiler, 188.5

Novice B
1 Balance Point's Pip Pip Hooray, Border Collie, 198.5
2 Mvp's Canadian Honker CD, Golden Retriever, 198.0

Open B
1 Sleepy Creek's Son Of A Sailor CDX BN RN OA OAJ, Papillon, 198.0
2 Seacrest's Dancing On The Waves UDX4 OM6 VER, Standard Poodle, 197.5
3 OTCH High Times Winning Combination UDX6 OM9, Golden Retriever, 197.0
4 Wirlwynd's Diamond In The Rough UDX2 OM4, Border Collie, 196.5
5 Destiny's Hurricane Zelda UDX5 OM5, Irish Setter, 195.5
6 High Times Secret Ingredient UDX OM2, Golden Retriever, 195.5
7 Sleepycreek's Texas Line Dancer CDX GN RA JH, German Shorthaired Pointer, 192.0
8 MACH6 Maplecreek's Torquay Tory UD VER RE MXB2 MJS2, Poodle, 184.5

Utility B
1 Everready's William The Great UD RE MX AXJ, Australian Shepherd, 171.0

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