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Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc.

AKC show id: 2015109903
Puyallup, WA


Novice A : Mr. D Bruce Fraser , 6 dogs
Novice B : Mr. Richard J. Lewis , 13 dogs
Beginner Novice A : Mr. Richard J. Lewis , 3 dogs
Beginner Novice B : Mr. Richard J. Lewis , 12 dogs
Graduate Novice : Mrs. Patricia A. Hess , 2 dogs
Open A : Mr. Richard J. Lewis , 4 dogs
Open B : Mr. D Bruce Fraser , 7 dogs
Graduate Open : Mrs. Patricia A. Hess , 3 dogs
Utility A : Mr. Richard J. Lewis , 4 dogs
Utility B : Mr. D Bruce Fraser , 9 dogs
Versatility : Mrs. Patricia A. Hess , 1 dogs


High in trial: Firerose Oh Whata B'Dazzler CDX PCD RE CGCA from Novice B
High combined: OTCH Coppertop Settin' The Pace UDX3 OM6 VER

Beginner Novice A
1 Spirit's Zoom 'N Kate Asha, Golden Retriever, 195.0
2 GCH CH Lakeview Madrona Madrid's Song, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, 195.0

Beginner Novice B
1 Valley Crest's Happy Feet CGC, Flat-Coated Retriever, 198.0
2 Winroc Zest Of The West RN JH NA NAJ NF, Labrador Retriever, 195.5
3 GCH CH Stillwater On A Whim BN, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, 194.5
4 Diwaid's Southern My-Ahh Girl, German Shepherd Dog, 192.0
5 Legado Ultimo Uva Nebbiolo Traz Arrimo, Portuguese Water Dog, 192.0
6 Winroc Y Knot RA TDX SH NA OAJ, Labrador Retriever, 191.5
7 Apple Acres Learning To Fly RN CGC, Shetland Sheepdog, 191.0
8 CH Turn Slice Of Heaven, Rat Terrier, 188.5

Graduate Open
1 Rojan's Tessa V Wisteria CDX BN GN PCDX RAE2 CGC, Rottweiler, 194.5
2 Melchris As You Like It CDX RA NA NAJ, English Springer Spaniel, 173.0

Novice A
1 Saffire's Message In A Bottle BN RN, Golden Retriever, 188.5

Novice B
1 Firerose Oh Whata B'Dazzler CD RE CGCA, Papillon, 198.5
2 Tnt's Spring It On, Golden Retriever, 196.5
3 Anbrus International Trick Or Treat OA OAJ, Golden Retriever, 194.5
4 Leclair's Danish Thunder BN RN, Bernese Mountain Dog, 191.5
5 GCH CH RiverRidge Meet Joe Black BN RN CI CGC, Rottweiler, 191.0
6 Himoon's Facing Future At Koa BN RN, Labrador Retriever, 190.5
7 Larins Prince Of India CD BN PCD, Standard Poodle, 187.5
8 CH Frontier Rose's Amazing Grace CD BN RE CGC, Border Terrier, 185.5
9 CH Paisano Caught Ewe Looking HSAs, Belgian Tervuren, 180.5

Open B
1 OTCH Up N'Adam's Just A Dream UDX6 OGM, German Shorthaired Pointer, 198.0
2 OTCH Coppertop Settin' The Pace UDX2 OM5 VER, Golden Retriever, 197.5
3 Cedar Mercury Rising UD BN RN MX MXS MXJ MJB CGC, Border Collie, 195.0
4 MACH Sunfire Keep'N The Dream Alive UD RN MXG MJG OF, Golden Retriever, 191.0

Utility B
1 OTCH Coppertop Settin' The Pace UDX2 OM5 VER, Golden Retriever, 194.5

1 Spirit's Turbo Power CDX BN RE NA OAJ, Golden Retriever, 190.0

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