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Rio Grande Obedience Dog Club, Inc.

AKC show id: 2001065502
El Paso, TX


Novice : Ms. Melinda Giles
Open : Miss Donna R. Albro
Utility : Miss Donna R. Albro
Utility : Ms. Melinda Giles


Novice A
1 Benders Keepsake Highs Mariah TD, Golden Retriever, 189.0

Novice B
1 Alvin! Alvin!! Alvin!!! NA, Pekingese, 194.0
2 Hanna Lee Vom Park, German Shepherd Dog, 187.0

Open B
1 Bendens Quik As The Wind CDX NA, Golden Retriever, 195.0
2 CH Skansen's Tequila UD, Giant Schnauzer, 194.0
3 CH Wynde Hill Willy B Mine CDX JH, Golden Retriever, 193.0
4 Ah Sugarbaby Omine For Keeps UD TDX AX OAJ, English Springer Spaniel, 192.5
5 Constant Sulo's Thotful Spot CDX TD, English Springer Spaniel, 192.0
6 Prin-Su's A Splash Of Sunray UD, Tibetan Terrier, 186.5
7 A Little Ginger And Spice CDX, Shetland Sheepdog, 177.0

Utility B
1 CH Gold Camp Sulo's Western Sky UDX TD OA OAJ, English Springer Spaniel, 196.0

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