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Tree Towns Boxer Club, Inc. Rally

AKC show id: 2016125603
Ringwood, IL


Rally Novice B : Mrs. Anna Lorenz , 3 dogs
Rally Advanced B : Mrs. Anna Lorenz , 4 dogs
Rally Excellent B : Mrs. Anna Lorenz , 1 dogs


Rally Novice B
1 Murbe's Man On The Move, Boxer, 100.0
2 Springbrook's Witchcraft, Boxer, 95.0
3 Prairie Hill's Strong As Titanium CGC, Boxer, 95.0

Rally Advanced B
1 Happy Tail's Usual Suspect CD BN RN AX AXJ, Boxer, 99.0
2 GCH CH Jokar's N Happy Tail's Blonde Moments CD RN AX AXJ, Boxer, 93.0
3 Orion's & Winwal's An Ernie For Bert CD PCD BN RN CA, Boxer, 82.0

Rally Excellent B
1 Venician's A & Valleys Fire Storm Of Bold Knight BN RA OA NAJ NF, Boxer, 93.0

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