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Collie Club of America, Inc. Rally

AKC show id: 2009115210
W Springfield, MA


Rally Novice A : Mr. S P Hersey , 1 dogs
Rally Novice B : Mr. S P Hersey , 25 dogs
Rally Advanced A : Mr. S P Hersey , 11 dogs
Rally Advanced B : Mr. S P Hersey , 16 dogs
Rally Excellent A : Mr. S P Hersey , 3 dogs
Rally Excellent B : Mr. S P Hersey , 12 dogs


Rally Novice B
1 Rosehaevens Without Warning, Rough Collie, 100.0
2 Wynhaven's Blackjack RN, Smooth Collie, 100.0
3 Brookdale's Mr. Wizard, Rough Collie, 100.0
4 Avalon's Brilliant Disguise, Collie, 99.0
5 CH Row-Bar Wynhaven Dakota Sky CDX RN HSAds HIAds MX MXJ NAP NJP, Smooth Collie, 98.0
6 Marlenas Diamonds R Forever CD RN, Collie, 97.0
7 Avalon Blu Ridge Black Ice, Collie, 97.0
8 Voyager's Blue Sky Spirits, Collie, 96.0
9 Camloch Magic Blue Krystal CD, Rough Collie, 96.0
10 Red Skye Hamish RN MX MXJ NJP OF, Collie, 95.0
11 Countryview Seabreeze Sensation, Collie, 95.0
12 Sunnysides Breakin' Barriers RN HSAds NAP, Collie, 95.0
13 Kilmainham's Rising True, Collie, 95.0
14 CH Mariner Kalstorm Sea And Tell, Rough Collie, 95.0
15 Ellee, Collie, 94.0
16 CH Kayloma's Flash Of Diamonds RN, Smooth Collie, 94.0
17 Roblyn Midnight Wyspering Pines, Collie, 93.0
18 CH Sweetwater Will Never Tell, Smooth Collie, 93.0
19 Lochlaren The Plans I Have For You, Rough Collie, 92.0
20 Kayloma Blk N Wht Formal Affrair HSAdsc, Collie, 92.0
21 Breezy Acre's Secret Code AX AXJ OAP OJP NF, Collie, 86.0
22 Greyloch's Beyond The Dark, Rough Collie, 86.0
23 CH Provenhill Blu Moon Sirius, Smooth Collie, 82.0

Rally Advanced A
1 Rosehaevens Summit Nobility RN PT, Rough Collie, 97.0
2 Creations Ya Gotta Love Me RN, Collie, 96.0
3 Riverrun Into Tupper Lake RN, Collie, 95.0
4 Legendhold Urgent Owl RN HT, Collie, 95.0
5 Gideon V RN NAP NJP, Collie, 95.0
6 Fantasias Fifty Cents RN AX AXJ NAP NJP NF, Collie, 88.0
7 CH Beachrose Brec Of Misty Morn RN PT, Smooth Collie, 84.0
8 Sandmoor Little Buffalo RN, Collie, 78.0

Rally Advanced B
1 Moosebrook Any Dream Will Do CD RE, Smooth Collie, 97.0
2 Crispin Lord Of The Dance CDX RN, Rough Collie, 97.0
3 Palary Time To Remember CD RAE, Rough Collie, 97.0
4 CH Kimegan's Booker T CD RN MX MXJ, Smooth Collie, 96.0
5 Ryder's Devil With The Blue Dress On RN NAP NJP NFP, Collie, 96.0
6 CH West Point Larpat Bao Li CD RN HSAds HIAs NA NAJ NF, Rough Collie, 95.0
7 CH Mariner's Sea Sharp CD RE PT OA NAJ NAP NJP OF NFP, Rough Collie, 94.0
8 CH Wynhaven Society's Cover Girl CD RN PT OAP AJP, Smooth Collie, 94.0
9 Clarion To Remember You CDX RN, Rough Collie, 93.0
10 CH Rosehaevens What A Catch CD RE PT AX AXJ NF, Rough Collie, 87.0
11 Chase Manhattan II CDX RE, Collie, 86.0
12 Serenade's Noble Ability RN, Collie, 83.0
13 CH Cornerstone Iced Cappucinno CD RN, Smooth Collie, 77.0
14 Rob Roy's Rebel Dream CD RN, Collie, 76.0

Rally Excellent A
1 CH Corjalin's Mandalay Free Rein RA NA NAJ, Smooth Collie, 99.0
2 Millknock Daydrm Step N Stone RA PT MX MXJ OAP OJP XF, Collie, 96.0

Rally Excellent B
1 CH Riverrun Wyndham's Imagine That CD RA HT AX MXJ NAP NJP NF, Rough Collie, 99.0
2 Millknock Daydream Gemstone CD RA PT MX MXJ NJP OF, Rough Collie, 97.0
3 Avalon's Lavendar Ice CD RE, Rough Collie, 97.0
4 Palary Time To Remember CD RAE, Rough Collie, 97.0
5 CH Mariner's Sea Sharp CD RE PT OA NAJ NAP NJP OF NFP, Rough Collie, 97.0
6 Merlin's Magical Moment CDX RA, Collie, 95.0
7 Moosebrook Any Dream Will Do CD RE, Smooth Collie, 95.0
8 MACH Daydreams Millknock Knockout CD RA HSAds HSBd AXP MJP NF, Collie, 94.0
9 La-De-Da Camloch's Riverdance RAE HT, Smooth Collie, 93.0
10 Van-M Fair Play CD RA, Collie, 90.0
11 Chase Manhattan II CDX RE, Collie, 74.0

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