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AKC Obedience judges

This is the list of AKC obedience judges, as provided by InfoDog. Click on judge's name to see the list of shows and classes that they have judged.

AKC Judge ID Name
1994 Mr. Peter C. Schuessler
2003 Mr. Charles N. Schwartz
2006 Mr. L. Richard Schwartz
2007 Mr. Raymond Schwartz
2013 Ms. Patricia Scully
2021 Mrs. L W Seibak
2025 Mr. Robert T. Self
2029 Mr. Herbert E. Semper
2031 Mr. Marcus Sessel
2058 Dr. C Shryock
2071 Mr. Ronald W. Simmons
2079 Mr. Robert L. Sisemore
2136 Mr. Robert J. Squires
2184 Mrs. Christina R. Stoner
2193 Mr. Judson L. Streicher
2197 Mr. Richard A. Strong
2205 Miss Geraldine M. Sullivan
2229 Mr. Basil H. Taylor
2268 Mr. P B Thomson
2274 Mrs. Kathleen A. Thorpe
2276 Mr. J.E. (Ed) Tibus
2355 Hon. Joachim J. Volhard
2380 Mr. T Walsh
2385 Mr. Joseph B. Waltrich
2392 Mrs. Donna A. Ward
2404 Mr. Philip H. Warner
2418 Mrs. Joanne Weaver
2430 Mr. Arthur Weiss
2433 Mr. David Lee Welch
2451 Mrs. Barbara J. Wheaton

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