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AKC Obedience judges

This is the list of AKC obedience judges, as provided by InfoDog. Click on judge's name to see the list of shows and classes that they have judged.

AKC Judge ID Name
1595 Mr. Kenneth M. Nagler
1609 Mr. Frank Nemeth
1629 Ms. D D Nickles
1638 Mr. Raymond O. Nordstrom
1643 Mr. Jeno Nyerges Sr.
1656 Miss Jeanne K. Ohmann
1664 Mr. Richard C. O'Mara
1667 Mr. Grant K. Onaga
1670 M O'Quinn
1672 Mr. Gerald F. Orth
1687 Mrs. K T Pankin
1702 Ms. Margaretta V. Patton
1734 Mrs. Jill W. Petersen
1743 Ms. Helen F. Phillips
1748 Mr. William R. Phillips
1773 Miss Nancy Pollock
1776 Mrs. Linda Watson
1784 Ms. Pamela A. Weaver
1791 Mrs. Diane J. Propst
1798 Mrs. Ginger Pugh
1832 Mrs. Shirley Rehberg
1876 Mr. Ronald F. Roberts
1880 Mr. Charles Frank Robinson
1883 Mrs. Marjorie A. Robinson
1897 Mrs. Sue Sellers Rose
1907 Dr. Gilbert Roth
1909 Mrs. Mildred (Mid) E. Rothrock
1931 Mr. Neal L. Russell
1974 Mr. Laddie J. Scheffel
1990 Mr. Hugo W. Schreiner

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