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AKC Obedience judges

This is the list of AKC obedience judges, as provided by InfoDog. Click on judge's name to see the list of shows and classes that they have judged.

AKC Judge ID Name
865 Mr. F H Grover
877 Mr. Edward H. Haas
880 Mrs. Gerre Halaus
882 C DeYoung
897 Ms. B S Handler
906 Mrs. Mary J. Happersett
912 Mr. William N. Harms
930 K Mailloux
954 Mr. Joseph J. Heidinger
974 Mr. Daniel E. Herald
983 Mrs. Patricia A. Hess
997 L Holdren, Ph.D.
1015 Mr. Jerry L. Holman
1017 Mrs. Helen Holmes
1024 Mrs. Joan Horky
1046 Mr. Daniel J. Hudson
1048 Mr. William H. Huffman
1055 Dr. J E Hungerland
1066 Mr. George W. Hyde
1073 Ms. S J Ilka
1081 Mr. Lavern O. Jackson
1092 Mrs. Shirlee Jacobson
1095 Mr. Harlowe C. Jahelka
1098 Mrs. Velma J. Janek
1103 Mrs. Sara Jane Jednacz
1114 Mr. Stephen A. Jewell
1117 Mrs. Alice S. Johanson
1127 Mrs. Joanne L. Johnson
1128 Dr. John L. Johnson
1136 Mrs. Mary Garland Jonas

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