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AKC Obedience judges

This is the list of AKC obedience judges, as provided by InfoDog. Click on judge's name to see the list of shows and classes that they have judged.

AKC Judge ID Name
390 A McCleskey
391 Lt. Col. Paul H. Combs
392 L A Allmendinger
393 J Smotrel
395 R Budny
396 G Brown
397 J Smotrel
398 Mrs. Beatrice P. Connelly
407 Ms. Martha Davis Coody
419 L Messler
430 Mr. John Cox
431 Mr. K M Coyne
486 T Hanna
490 E M Hoselton
495 Mr. Kent H. Delaney
510 T Brown
516 Mrs. Mildred M. Dion
518 Dr. J. W. Dixon Jr.
520 Mrs. Mary L. Doak
542 T Schulz
566 Mrs. E G Dwyer
583 Ms. Lynn F. Eggers
599 S Widdick
620 Mrs. Carole-Joy H. Evert
625 Mr. James C. Falkner
626 Dr. Glenn T. Fancy
631 T Kee
632 D Craig
633 U Weinrich
636 L Brockett

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