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AKC Obedience judges

This is the list of AKC obedience judges, as provided by InfoDog. Click on judge's name to see the list of shows and classes that they have judged.

AKC Judge ID Name
70508 D Hirsch
70509 D P McDonald
70529 C P MacMillan
70579 P Nettles
70979 Mr. Nancy Cheski
71241 R G Kripaitis
71504 I C Kaplan DVM
72929 Ms. Lynn A. Currie
73104 A Moller
74129 G Downing
74179 Mr. Ores Chever Jr.
75129 J Primmer
75179 Ms. Jean Nocilly
75279 K Vonnahme
75954 Ms. Donna Eddins
76029 P K Furness
76030 L C Williams
76031 J A Wilson
77604 J Beaver
78029 Mrs. Ginette Lemieux
78615 A H Bright
79704 T Pinneri
80034 C Rosenkoetter
80604 Mrs. Norma Hamilton
80859 P Pierce
81156 Mr. D Bruce Fraser
81331 Mrs. Bonnie Hornfisher
81413 D MacKenzie
81590 Mr. William D. Craig
81680 Ms. Linda Bianco

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