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Common Questions

A note on politeness.

I am quite surprised that I have to post this, but given the non-trivial number of unpleasant emails I have received recently, I guess this is required. When contacting me about an issue with your dog's record, please be polite. An email in all caps saying that I have missed a show, or a title, or something else and demanding that I fix it is not likely to get a response. Please remember, I do this for free, as a service to the dog showing community. The little trickle of money from ads and donations covers the hosting fees.

I run this site because I think that dog people are generally a nice,helpful, and fun to be around. Please don't make me change my mind. Be polite. Start your emails with a greeting. End them with a thank you and your name. Include as much information as possible so that it's easy for me to make the changes (generally your dog's AKC number, and the AKC number of the show that is missing/incorrect in your record).

I do not reply to the emails immediately. I generally do the updates and fixed once a month. If you emailed me and more than a month have gone without me making the change, feel free to remind me. Politely. Once.

Thank you, and good luck with your shows!

How often do you update your site?

We post the scores for the month at the end of the next month. So, scores for November are posted by the end of December. This is due to the fact that there's a delay in AKC processing the scores and updating their website. Please do not contact us to post the scores sooner.

I cannot find my dog

First, make sure you are using the dog search (instead of the show search). The dog search box is on the dog page, or on the main page. Also, try typing in only a part of the dog's registered name. You will get a list of dogs, and hopefully the dog you are looking for will be in it.

Where's my dog's score?

The information on this site was obtained by crawling the AKC show results database. We tried to be complete and thorough, but we may have missed some things. If a qualifying score for your dog is missing, please let us know. If you have some idea of what show it was, or an approximate date, that information will make it easier for us to find your data. Please keep in mind that the results going back to about 1999-2000 start to get somewhat unreliable due to AKC's record keeping.

My dog's score/placement is wrong

Our site mirrors the records from AKC. If your dog's placement or score is incorrect, it was probably recorded wrong by the show secretary or AKC. Please contact AKC to fix your dog's score, and once it's been officially corrected, contact us. DO NOT contact us before the score is listed correctly by the AKC. You can check your dog's scores on the AKC website.

My dog has a CDX, but you only list her as having a CD

The dog's title on their info page is not necessarily the most current title. We are no longer able to download titles from AKC, so your dog's title is the most recent one that was listed in a show catalog. Unfortunately, this means that if you earn a title, it will only be updated in our database when you earn any other leg in obedience, rally, or agility with your dog listed as having that title. For those of you earning advanced titles and then stopping showing, this means your latest title will never be recorded. There is nothing we can do about this. We cannot update titles manually (too much work!). Please do not email us saying "my dog's title is wrong", these emails will be ignored.

My dog's HIT/HC is not listed

The HIT/HC data only goes back to 2011. Please do not contact us asking to add your dog's HIT/HC if it was earned before 2011.

My dog's Pre-Novice (Open, Utility) score is not listed

We do not currently include the pre-classes in our data.

I want you to run a custom query for me

We are happy to accommodate custom requests (to the limits of our data). We charge $50 to generate a custom report for you. Please contact us to discuss your needs. Please note that due to the kind of data we collect, we cannot answer queries about titles, only about legs earned. So we cannot answer queries of the type "How many German Shepherds earned a CD in 2010", but we can answer "How many German Shepherds got a Novice A leg in 2010". Also, we do not have information about NQ's.

If you get an error that is not covered by the above list, please send a bug report, including the URL of the page you were trying to access (or a description of what you were trying to do, if that's not available) to the developer.

Didn't find an answer? Need more help? Email us.

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