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Registered name: Topbrass Charismatic Spirit BN
(Dog's titles may not be accurate, please go to AKC website for up-to-date information)
AKC number: SR82861109
Breed: Golden Retriever
Owner: L Weaver
Show name Date Class Score Place
Tacoma Kennel Club 2016-01-16 Beginner Novice B 198.5 2
Sammamish Kennel Club 2016-01-17 Beginner Novice B 199.0 1
Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers, Inc. 2016-01-18 Beginner Novice B 197.0 2
Show name Date Class Score Place
Washington State Obedience Training Club, Inc. 2016-04-03 Rally Novice B 100.0 2
Rainier Sporting Dog Association 2016-08-18 Rally Novice B 100.0 4
Evergreen Golden Retriever Club 2016-08-26 Rally Novice B 99.0 1

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